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ClearGuard Roller Blind

ClearGuard roller blinds are a flexible and safe solution for receptions, counters or any place where staff and customers need a safe environment to do business.

They work like a regular blind – just the fabric was replaced with a protective PVC foil which acts like a 100% secure barrier.

The blinds allow for normal communications. You can clearly see and hear the person on the other side, no shouting necessary.

Ideal for a business that doesn't want or need plastic or plexiglass. With ClearGuard blinds, you get a secure but more elegant and adaptable solution.

Standard dimension is 1.20m wide x 2.20m long.

We can customise the width between 0.35m – 1.20m. Please ask us for more information.

Easy installation on wall or ceiling (please specify, mounting can still be changed at any time).


To order, please contact us at 046 9731022

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